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Ida Bjørn
Colourful decorations with flowers as the favourite motive have become the trademark of Ida Bjørn Keramik of Denmark. Ida Bjørn has developed a special painting technique giving the surface of the vases a very special texture, which combined with the use of very bright colours produces a truly unique look and feel.

Before starting on her own, Ida Bjørn was for several years the principal ceramic painter at the studio of Torben Keramik. In 1981 she decided to start her own studio where she developed her skills as a potter, enabling her to produce her own unique line of products. In the autumn of 1985 she had her major break-through with the design of the Victoria vase, which in the beginning was sold without decorations. In fact, the Victoria vase was a reinvention of pots used in the old days for growing roses, but Ida Bjørn further refined the product to become what we know today: A vase, hand-decorated with colourful motives and glazed on the inside surface only.

The designs of Ida Bjørn are internationally renowned - she is represented in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, USA and even in Hong Kong. The design and production facilities are located on an old farm close to Elsinore, where Ida Bjørn spends most of her time painting vases - simply because: "She can't resist doing so".

Ida Bjørn Keramik - Horserødvej 6 - DK-3000 Helsingør - Denmark
Tlf. +45 4975 0155 Mobil: +45 4056 6755 Fax: +45 4975 0155